Wat Za F**K I've been unscouted!

2009-09-06 20:21:31 by vylent

Something is Amiss!
Me and Quite alot of well known Artists on the Art Portal have been Unscouted!
Mibi I did somethi8ng wrong!? NO!
so if your not to busy with you busy newgrounds lives...
SCOUT ME! plzzzzzz D:

Wat Za F**K I've been unscouted!


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2009-09-06 21:58:26

I'm guessing you haven't been in the forums today? cause it was basically a shit storm of "AHHH i"VE BEEN UNSCOUTED" and "AHH GAY PORN AND HAXXED MODS!!!". So yeah, it was a lulzy time.

I think that they're going to be re-scouting all the previous scouted users sicne they've already done some people.

vylent responds:

Awesome! thanks for the update :D


2009-09-08 17:56:56

Rescouted ya, hope you don't mind.

vylent responds:

Hey thanks man :D


2009-09-11 19:04:31

Your awesome so y not!